Whilst a picture might be worth a thousand words, sometimes a video is worth ten thousand words – check out our garden and dogs.

Garden Videos




Wisteria - winter prune

Puppy Videos

Puppies - 2 weeks

Puppies - 3 weeks

Puppies - 4 weeks

Puppies - 5 weeks

Puppies - 6 weeks

2 Responses to “Videos”

  1. sue Says:

    your garden looks lovely,it’s certainly come a long way since my affies were running round it last time i visited.lol.one of these days i’ll get the hang of taking pictures and putting my garden on here for you to see.like yours it’s only small,but i have lots of plants.if ever you’re down my way,showing,you’ll have to stay,dogs welcome of course.

    1. Barhi Says:

      Thanks Sue. Yes, you visited before the re-vamp – what a long while ago. I’d love to see the pics of your garden. Want to post them on the Facebook Group? Thanks for the offer of the visit – may take you up on that. Was great to see you at Crufts. Look after yourself :).

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