The verdant Long Walk

Some of my articles are more orientated to the garden side of this topic and these pages will appear under this heading, however all my articles have some relationship to dogs.

My garden is a small suburban modern cottage garden, designed around the theme of a chambered nautilus spiral.  We have no grass,  so there is lots of space for plants.  Despite the small size of the garden there are a number of different areas each with their own atmosphere.  Meandering paths link the different areas and allow you to choose your route through the garden.  In my opinion, no garden can be without water, so the pond garden features a raised pond that you can sit on the edge of and dip your fingers into in hot weather.  You can also lie back on the pond surround and enjoy the pleasures of cloud watching.  The dense planting provides a lush green backdrop for the flowers that come and go season by season.  I try to have something flowering all year round and whilst it does depends on the weather, manage to do so most years.

To meet the garden and dogs, please look at our introduction video.

Much more information about my garden, including photos, can be found on the Barhi website.

The quote from one of our garden visitors that I use most often to describe the atmosphere is that it is ‘Tardis-like’.  Don’t let having a small garden let you think it can’t have variety.

Garden articles published so far, are

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