Are you a breeder who sends puppies to their new homes with a Puppy Pack?

Have you thought about how those puppies will fare in their new gardens?

Please download a free leaflet to include in your puppy pack to help your new owners aware of the issues in the garden that they need to think of.

Just click on this link to Download your free Puppy Leaflet

The leaflet is designed to be printed on both sides of A4 paper and then folded in half.

4 Responses to “Puppy Pack Leaflet”

  1. fran lloyd Says:

    This is nothing to do with puppy packs. What beautiful Welshies. I have a six year old Welshie. His name is.Remington.

    1. Barhi Says:

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂

  2. Ray Says:

    Where could I find welsh puppies? I have had English Springers in he past and believe the Welshies look wonderful.

    1. Barhi Says:

      Hi Ray – You are best to get in touch with your local Welsh Springer Club, many countries have one. Not that many Welshies are bred though, so you may have quite a wait to find one. You will probably want meet the breed before you make up your mind that it is the right breed for you. The easiest way to do this is at shows (again details are frequently on breed club webpages) or if you are in UK at Discover Dogs which is part of Crufts (Mar) or a stand alone event in London (Nov). I always invite prospective puppy owners to come out for a walk with me and my dogs as part of their interview process.

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