How do you remember your special friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before you?  A great way is to do it with a plant.   Read the stories  behind a couple of my plants here.

Rhian's camellia

Want to save work weeding?  Consider using a mulch in your garden.  The dog owning gardener has a few more things to think about when choosing what mulch to select.  Our latest article discusses your options.

Cocoa mulch can be dangerous to dogs

A new article has been added on Climbers and Wall Shrubs, which can be extremely useful to covering fences and other garden buildings and make them part of the garden.

clematis armandii

New article posted on the challenges of growing vegetables when you have dogs.

Home grown tomatoes taste spectacular straight from the vine

Having problems with your dog eating your plants?  Check out the new article on the “Ouch” command.

Flowers can be very tempting for a puppy

A number of shrubs have been added to the recommended list.

Choisya ternata

Choisya ternata


Training your dog outdoors poses different challenges as there are lots of extra distractions. 

Two new articles have been added

  • Training which covers the topic at a high level
  • A more detailed discussion of the Recall

Look out for more articles on areas of training your dog for your garden.

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