I mentioned previously that I hadn’t seen the wisteria that grows up the side of my office being pruned.  Well, today the ground staff were out pruning it.

Wisteria industrial pruning

May is obviously not the best time to prune wisteria (I do my major prune in January).  In other years it might just have already flowered, but this year swelling flower buds have become casualties in the groundsmen’s ongoing challenge to keep on top of the plants that grow on the estate.  This year’s weather has meant that many jobs are having to be performed with sub-optimal timing.

At least I now have the answer as to how the plants that grow up the house are pruned.  In the basket of the cherry picker, the groundsman had a petrol powered hedge clipper which he used to trim both the wisteria and the magnolia grandiflora that grow up the house.  They certainly didn’t have the time to worry about pruning to three buds as I can with my much smaller wisteria,so it will be interesting to see what next year’s flower is like.

At least we can see the wonderful views now that the wisteria is no longer growing across the windows!