We frequently travel on long journeys to dog shows.  To help pass the time on the journey, my lovely husband downloads the BBC Garden’s Question Time radio show so that we can listen as we drive.  moss

A couple of weeks ago there were three questions on moss which they grouped together.  The first asked how to get rid of moss, the second asked what was wrong with moss anyway, but the third was the one that caught my attention.  The questioner asked how come the area of grass nearest his house had no moss, but the further you got away from the house, the more moss was in the grass.  On further questioning, it transpired that the gentleman in question had bitches (no indication of breed or how many).   The panel came to the conclusion that the high nitrogen content in the bitches urine was killing the moss, but they (and I) were surprised that the grass near the house was doing well.

As you know, I have no grass so am not able to personally comment on this topic.  My mother’s garden had moss and family members who visited had bitches.  Maybe we didn’t visit often enough to have an impact on the moss.  So, over to you.  Do any of you have moss in your grass and have any of you noticed this phenomena?