I apologise for a distinct lack of posts in recent weeks.  I haven’t just been neglecting you, the garden has suffered too.  All of my available energies have been taken up with dealing with my mother’s estate after she passed away in March.

Well, I now have probate and her house is on the market, so hopefully now is the time to think about the garden again.  Certainly we have the annual canine BBQ to look forward to in ten days time.  I’ll get the garden a little less jungle like and leave it to the dogs to have their fun.  I think we are on track to beat last year’s record of 10 WSS loose in the garden at once.  I wonder if we can get them all sitting together for the photo shoot?

If any of you have been asked to be an executor, you might like to take a look at my new blog on the Trials and Tribulations of being an Executor.