Helper keeping busy while waiting for visitors
This year’s opening under the NGS was on 4 and 5 June.  We had some wonderful visitors, both human and canine.  There were a lot of lovely comments about the garden and our dogs.

Visitors enjoying the shade of the pergola

Saturday was sunny and we had a steady stream of visitors.  Toward the end of the day, we met two of Oliver’s daughters and their owners.  They were very well behaved and it was a pleasure to see them.

Tia and Lady

Sunday was our first wet day of opening (in five years, so not too bad) and you could almost hear the garden breathing a huge sigh of relief to have some rain after two months of virtually no rain.  We finally got to use the gazebos that we bought four years ago.  One provided shelter for people arriving and it was so good, we have decided that we will use it every year as it will protect from both rain and sun.  The other was over the patio.  It gave people a dry space to stand and chat as well as to look at the garden.

Rosa Falstaff from David Austin Roses

Our open days may be over, but we already have two appointments booked by people who couldn’t make it this weekend.  If you would like to make an appointment, please email