This weekend is our opening under the National Gardens Scheme.  The garden is looking great and almost ready for our visitors.  There are just a few last minute things left to be done.

I’ve filled in the holes in the planting and cleared the paths of most of the plants that have billowed out of the beds.  Obviously there will be dead heading and sweeping of the paths to do again a good few times before the gate is opened to visitors. 

Fortunatly visitors realise that they are coming into a real garden, and to be honest that is the reason that most people seem to come.  This is not a show garden a la Chelsea.  We can’t force or hold back plants to make sure that they are looking perfect on the day.  I don’t plant only for the day, I choose plants that I want to grow – which is a very good thing as each year the weather means that some plants are at their best at different times.  This year, most of the plants are about three to four weeks ahead of last year. 

While there are some flowers in the garden, this year I would have to agree with our NGS County Organiser’s comment when she visited this morning – the garden is a “Symphony in Green”.

As usual, the dogs will be in attendance to welcome our visitors over the weekend.  We will even have a few more as some of our helpers are bringing theirs.