We knew that this Royal Wedding was going to be something special, but I simply love the way that Westminster Abbey has been greened for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There is absolutley no doubt that this is going to be a new trend in wedding “flowers”.  There is a haze of green as you look at the Abbey, a colour that is so much part of our every day lives, but one that is missing in the Abbey on normal days. 

Royal Wedding Trees

A key component of this green is the maple and hornbeam container grown trees  that have been used to line the knave.  Trees of this size are not normally found in garden centers, but Chelsea and other large flower shows regularly feature them.  It is a very specialised industry and these huge trees are very expensive as you are buying years of growth and attention.  However, I can see a burgeoning market in hiring out large trees for weddings in the future.  For those who want smaller trees, they can be purchased from around £100 and can be planted at your new home, a constant reminder of one of the most special days in a couple’s life – just as William and Kate are reported to be planning to do.

But it isn’t just the trees that have created the feeling of green.  There seems to be a distinct lack of cut flowers in the Abbey.  There are lots of plants in pots, highlighting the sustainability that promises to be a key feature of this wedding.  The wonderful vibrant green of Euphorbia features prominantly.  There is no imported plant material – in fact, like many couples, the majority of the plants and flowers actually come from family gardens.  Though few brides can be fortuante enough to have access to such wonderful large gardens as Kate Middleton does.

Above the altar was a green and white waterfall of flowers and vegitation – simply stunning in its beauty – setting off the area beautifully.

The bride’s bouquet, like all royal brides,  features a sprig of Myrtle that came from Queen Victoria’s bouquet.  It also contained Lily of the Valley (which also appeared to be planted in with some of the trees), Sweet William and Hyacinth.   Its beautiful scent must have been wonderful.  The bouquet is a beautifully simple statement of British native plants, complementing the dress and its wearer perfectly.

This wedding gives all future brides wonderful floral inspiration – the idea of greener weddings fills me with pleasure.