One of the visitors at my opening last year was a garden designer who wanted to know what a garden created with dogs in mind could look like.  She explained that when she was contacted by prospective clients with dogs, her heart normally fell in anticipation of the problems that the dog (s) might cause for her design.

This conversation got me thinking.  There must be many other garden designers out there with the same concerns.  I therefore approached our local agricultural college’s horticultural department to find out if they might be interested in a presentation on the topic for their design students.  Luckily, they were very receptive to the idea and we set a date for my visit.  When we arranged this last August, early February seemed a very long while off.

Well now the date is almost upon me.   The presentation is in its final stages.  I have had great fun putting it together and have been glad of all the photos that I have taken over the last year, just in case they might come in useful.  So all that I have to do now is my final rehearsals.  I’m really looking forward to the day, in just over a week’s time.