Today was our annual (canine) family walk and BBQ.  First they have a run in the forest to let off steam and then it is back to the house for a BBQ.

Group Photo - and there were a lot more people taking photos

The group photo was taken when they were all clean – ie before we got to the pond, where all the dogs and quite a few of the owners got just a little wet…………

Then it was back to the house for the BBQ.  The BBQ is planned for the end of the gardening year when it doesn’t matter if any damage is done to the garden.   That said, it is quite amazing that there was very little damage to the garden – most of the dogs choosing to either stay close to their owners or explore on the paths.  The pond area was certainly a draw, but fortunately no one decide to surprise the fish by jumping in.

As you can imagine, it was quite a challenge to get so many dogs sitting in the garden at once – I think I can count nine in this shot.  They didn’t stay still for too long and were soon exploring the garden again :).