The postman knocked on the door this morning with a parcel.  I couldn’t think what was in it.  Even the label on the outside that declared that the sender was a nursery didn’t provide an instant clue. 

When I opened the parcel, I realised that it was the anemones that I had succumbed to back in February – how quickly time passes :). 

The leaflet in the package suggested that despite the lack of apparent life in the plants, they would grow away just fine if planted out now.  I am afraid that I have decided to take the conservative option and wait until the plants are at least showing some sign of life before putting them in the ground, so they are now sitting outside the back door waiting for a while.

(PS – sorry about reusing the photo from when I ordered the plants, but I have managed to break my camera and am waiting for the replacement that I bought on ebay to arrive.  I’ve gone for an exact copy of what I had before, but the situation has made me think about buying a new camera, so watch this space for when I eventually decide what to spend my money on.)