You may remember that I am helping my friend Debbie create a dog friendly garden.  She has very sensibly decided to concentrate on one area at a time as her garden is a little large to think about all at once.  An added benefit is that the costs are also spread. 

Here are the latest photos from Debbie after she planted all the plants she recently bought.  The area certainly is starting to look like a garden :). 

Note that she is still restricting canine access to the area using sheep fencing while the plants establish.  This may not be necessary if you are only planting a couple of plants, but with a brand new bed like this, it makes sense to let the plants establish a little before she trains the dogs that the bed is her area not theirs.

Hi Finuala

I had no idea how many plants we arrived home with last week, I thought about 50, but they are all planted (and counted) now and it was 66!!!!

I just have a Morello cherry left to plant that I am going to try and fan train on the fence.

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