One of the key features in the garden in February is the wonderful display of catkins from the willow (Salix daphnoides).   Interestingly, I took photos of the tree and its catkins in March 2007, a whole month later than this year.

Little does the tree know that as soon as it sheds its catkins, it is going to be pollarded.  It will be exceedingly scary to take so much off the tree, but I know it will come back and it is vitally necessary in a small garden such as mine.  Left unchecked, the birch could easily grow to 30ft tall and take over that part of the garden.

This year I will have to have courage though.  The tree is getting larger and larger and so my tentative pruning of previous years will have to be replaced by something a little more daring.  I will watch with bated breath for the new shoots that, in my heart, I know will appear.