This year, I am going to try and keep a record of the plants that are of the most interest in my garden at the beginning of each month.  This inevitably will be a much longer list during the summer months, but even in a very small garden, it is possible to have interest throughout the year.

There is only one plant in flower at the moment, the ubiquitous vibernum.  There is a good reason why it is found everywhere.  It is a well behaved, reliable shrub.  It looks good throughout the year and comes into its own at this time of year when flowers are few and far between.

However, there is other interest in the garden.  The cyclamen that I bought last autumn are looking wonderful.  The leaves have a vibrancy of their own, whether they are dark green and glossy or shimmering silver. 

The majority of the shrubs are evergreen and continue to provide structure in the garden at this time of year, however their time of glory is yet to come.