Hi Finuala

Just managed to grab half an hour in the sweet shop!!

I have realised that I seem to have an oriental theme developing???!!!

I have found a grass I like, penniesetum alopecurides, add this to bamboo, lonicera japonica, holboellia coriacea, chaenomeles and miscanthus……

I have also always liked acer palmatum but have been told in the past that they can be very difficult to grow. Have you grown them?



 Hi Debbie

There are a load of lovely plants from the oriental as that was a favourite place for the Victorian plant hunters.  Is the theme just the plants or are you thinking of expanding it into the decoration as well? 

I was pleased to see that the Penniesetum is frost hardy, there are some that aren’t.  I haven’t tried Acers as I don;t have the right spot for one.  Their big issue is wind damage.  I’d wait a while and eventually create a sheltered are for one, but bear it in mind as you design. (I am assuming that your garden is pretty windy – an I right?)