Well, the Wisteria finally got its summer prune today.  This used to be my job, but since my hip operation, my OH isn’t overkeen on me going up to the roof on the ladder, so it has become his job. 

In the past, I have tried to cut it weekly throught the summer, using a tree pruning long pole to reach to the top, but I still couldn’t stop it reaching the roof and it grew all the more.  So for the last couple of years, we have followed the text books and pruned it twice a year.  The Summer prune tidies the plant up, but it is the Winter prune that starts my gardening year as I always try to do the job on 1 January.

The dogs weren’t overly pleased to have to stay in the house while the job was being done, but we feel it is a little too dangerous to have them outside with things being dropped from a great height during the process.  They just sat at the patio doors watching the whole process and every time we came near the doors they got soooo excited about the possibility of being allowed outside.